明るくも 暗くも
優しくも 強くも


色を味わう 矛盾の世界








Water, ink, paper

They produce infinite shading

Bleeding, space, resonance, harmony

With each sentiment

Bright, dark,

Gentle, strong

The audience imagine further of the work

Enjoy the color, in the contradiction world.

Sometimes pulling

Sometimes casting off the power

Wishing my pictures cultivating together,

Grinding an ink cake,

I present my works.

                                    <Translated by Riko>








2012年 パリ市内幼稚園・学校にて墨画の授業

2013年 東京日比谷にてライブペイント
     パリ・ジャパンエキスポ2013に出演 ファッションショードレス及びライブパフォーマンスを発表

     仙台三越 「みやぎの力 アート&クラフトフェア」出展(以降毎年)

2014年 仙台・東京にてライブパフォーマンス

2015年 仙台三越 出展

      晩翠画廊 個展

2016年 東京日本橋、新潟、山形三越、仙台三越にて出展

2017年 日本酒「浦霞」限定ラベルデザイン


     仙台三越 出展

     晩翠画廊 個展「はなごよみ」


       Maison Internacyonale de Renne 展示・WS (フランス レンヌ市)

       PARIS国際大学都市 展示・WS(パリ市)

2018年 仙台三越 出展

      丸善 仙台 個展

2019年  仙台三越 出展

       銀座煉瓦画廊 個展

              丸善 仙台 個展

2020年  仙台三越 出展

              丸善 仙台 個展

              CaféGallery EpicView 個展

     塩竈市杉村惇美術館 個展 「蓮」

     晩翠画廊 個展 「Door」

2021年  亀井邸(鹽竈神社裏坂)個展

       仙台三越 出展

       浦霞・阿部勘 日本酒「蔵夏」ラベルデザイン

              丸善 仙台 個展

              CaféGallery EpicView 個展

              瑞巌寺 宝物館(青龍殿)


2022年 仙台三越 出展

             丸善 仙台 個展

      CaféGallery EpicView 個展

             浦霞・阿部勘 日本酒「阿 吽」ラベルデザイン

             ブルーインパルス 墨画Tシャツデザイン

2023年 仙台三越  出展

     丸善  仙台 個展

     瑞巌寺  宝物館(青龍殿) 個展「千貫乃風」(7/13~10/1)

     晩翠画廊 個展「オルゴール」

2024年 丸善 仙台 個展(5/22~28予定)

収蔵  パリ・Cernuschi美術館ー掛軸「エッフェル塔と桜」




●Emi Ichinoseki / Bokuga artist●

Started her career as a graphic designer, studied an Indian ink by herself.  Took lessons from the Bokuga artist, Ms. Masako Yamazaki.  After the independence, exhibited her works based on Sendai city, at home and abroad.

Label designed of sake breweries; Yamawa Brewery, Shozankan, Ichinokura, and Urakasumi. Also designed CD sleeves, “Tenugui”, Japanese towels, product packages, platewares, dresses, accessories, and furniture. 

Without regards of genre, develops her own world of Bokuga.

Holds “Sumi-asobi”, as the bokuga workshops in schools in the city and welfare facilities as an lifelong learning instructor of Sendai city, works on the Indian ink culture popularization. 

Lives in Sendai city.

2012: Conducted Bokuga lessons at kindergartens and schools in Paris.

    Bokuga impromptu live performance at the Musee Paris Cernuschi.

2013: Bokuga live event at Hibiya Tokyo.

          Exhibition for Paris Japan Expo 2013.  Put her dresses for the catwalk show and

          had a performance live.

2014: Live performance in Sendai

          Live performance in Tokyo

                       and other exhibitions, performance lives  etc.

 2015: Exhibition at Sendai Mitsukoshi Department Store (the year and beyond),

           personal art exhibition at Bansui Garo

 2016: Exhibition in Nihonbashi,Tokyo, Nigata and Sendai.

 2017: Designed a sake label of limited “Urakasumi” sake brewery


          Collaborated with MitoSuifu Andon(lantern), “Suzuki Mohei Shoten Design Andon”

         Personal art exhibition at BansuiGaro(SendaiMiyagi)        

         Exhibition and a workshop in Rennes and Paris,France.

2018:Personal art exhibition at Maruzen Sendai

2019:Art Exhibition at Sendai Mitsukoshi Department        

       Personal art exhibition at GinzaRengaGaro(Ginza Tokyo)      

       Personal art exhibition at Maruzen Sendai(Sendai Miyagi)

2020:Art Exhibition at Sendai Mitsukoshi Department        

       Personal art exhibition at Maruzen Sendai(Sendai Miyagi)    

       Personal art exhibition at EpicView(Iwanuma Miyagi)

   personal art exhibition atSHIOGAMA SUGIMURA JUN MUSEUM ART (Shiogama Miyagi)    

   personal art exhibition at Bansui Garo(Sendai Miyagi)    

2021:Sake label design"kurage"(Abekan,Urakasumi)Exhibisyon at Kamei- tei

        Dedicated bokuga work to Zuiganji tempule main temple building

        SpecialExhibition"Heart of Playing and the image~10years after the Grant East JapanEarthquake     2~special display

2022:BlueImpulse bokugaT-shirt design

        Sake label design"A-Un"(Abekan,Urakasumi)

2023:Zuiganji tempule Treasure Museum(Seiryuden)exhibition"Sengan-no-kaze"(MiyagiMatsushima)



Stored item: Hanging scroll “The Eiffel Tower and cherry blossoms” at the Musee Paris Cernuschi.